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Golf RSA in conjunction with HNA will be implementing a new Course and Slope Rating System  which will in turn influence your Handicap Calculation. Here is some terminology that you will need to understand:

1. Handicap Index - This will be your standard handicap that will be calculated by HNA and will appear on your profile. It will allow for a decimal of one tenth. IE- Your Handicap Index could be 11.6. This is not a playing Handicap

2. Slope Rating - Every set of tees on every Golf course has a slope rating which has been determined by the degree of difficulty in accordance with the USA Course rating system. The maximum Slope rating is 155(hardest) and 55(easiest). The standard Slope rating is 113.

3. Course rating - every set of tees has a course rating similar to the existing system, but will also allow for decimals.

4. Course Handicap - this is the handicap that you will play off on that day that will be calculated using your Handicap Index, the slope rating of the tees you play off and the Course rating of the same tees.